Five Fun Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are very important to children and can truly add to the strength of the family. Long after the wrapping paper and toys are gone, children and grandchildren will remember the family traditions that you took the time to create for them, and they will look forward to repeating year after year. Keep in mind that Christmas traditions do not have to be difficult or too time consuming. Some families have stated that the most successful traditions are the very simple traditions that they repeat every Christmas for their children. These traditions often become the most treasured moments for all involved. Here are five fun Christmas traditions to help you get started.

1.There seems to be no other time that brings out the baker in all of us. Gather your family around to bake Christmas goodies together. If you are not a bake-from-scratch baker don’t be afraid to get help from your local bakery. They can supply you with already made cookie dough, unfrosted cupcakes or ready to use bread dough. Baking together as a family can be messy but the fun is always worth it! Baking treats for yourself is always great, but you may want to start a new tradition that involves baking treats as a family (or group of friends) for your neighbors.

2.The music of Christmas is so joyful and can add immeasurably to your Christmas celebration. Gather your family around the piano or guitar for Christmas singing, or if your family is not particularly musical, consider attending a concert or sing-along together. This can be a fun and joyful tradition. In addition, consider caroling since Christmas music doesn’t require a great deal of musical skill; your neighbors may just be delighted. Also, you can combine Christmas caroling with delivering gifts or goodies to the doors you stop at.

3.Do not be afraid to turn the tasks of Christmas into holiday celebrations. Instead of Mom being the only one to decorate the tree, include everyone! You can have a special meal and turn the decorating into a party. If Christmas cards are a chore, consider enlisting everyone to help and thus make it a lot more fun. Younger kids can even help make Christmas cards with simple paper and art supplies while adults take care of the addressing and stamping. If gift wrapping falls to just one person, then plan a gift wrapping party. Simply box the items (to keep them secret) attach small tags so they can be identified as they are being wrapped and have everyone pitch in. Turn up the Christmas music, have some great snacks on hand and you may just start the best Christmas tradition yet.

4.Become a Sub-for-Santa family. There are many charities that can help you choose another family or individual and shop for them. Make this a great tradition by involving everyone in the selection of the gifts, wrapping and delivering. This may become the tradition that adds the most meaning to your holiday season. If being a substitute Santa does not fit into your budget, consider volunteering your time at a shelter, hospital or food kitchen for those who are less privileged. This way you can still give without damaging your holiday budget.

5.Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box for your next tradition. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most fun. Pop a huge bowl of popcorn and then take it with you while you drive around to check out all the Christmas lights. Go see a showing of “It’s a Wonderful Life” at a vintage theater. Give your family Christmas “costume kits” that include jingle bells for their shoelaces and Santa hats to wear. Just make sure that it’s something your family will think is fun, and you may have just started your best Christmas tradition yet!

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