Bunny and Rabbit Coloring Pages

Perfect for Easter, Valentine's Day, or National Rabbit Awareness Week, this category is teeming with cute bunnies in every size and shape. Peter Rabbit, The Easter Bunny, and a Thumper look-a-like are a few of the more famous personalities but you can also find bunnies with carrots, giving presents, and flying airplanes!
Bunny Cottage
Four Bunnies
Hedgehog and Bunny
Giant Carrot
Birthday Rabbit Surprise
Bunny with Carrot
Pat-a-Cake Rabbits
Bunny with Mirror
Little Cotton Tail
Dear Sweet Bunny
Baby Bunny Bib
Cupcake Bunny
He Did It
Bunny Gives Valentine
Bunny Holding Ball
Thumper’s Cousin
Bunny’s Toothbrush
Long Eared Bunny
Scared Rabbit
Egg Decorating
Happy Bunny