Frog and Toad Coloring Pages

Frogs with spots, fat toads, lots of leaping, a singing frog, and some lily pads are just a few things that you will find in this fantastic group of coloring pages. You can also find a fun frog maze and an even funner dot to dot activity. To learn more about frogs, visit Frog resources recommended by Surfnetkids.
Smiling Frog
Lady Frog
Leaping Frog
Frog in Leaves
Frog Maze
Frog Feet
Wonky Frog
Warty Toad
Tubby Toad
Relaxed Frog
Bumpy Toad
Frog in Water
Frog Prince Kiss
Frog Friends
Tree Frog
Singing Frog
Frog with Flowers
Frog on Lily Pad – 1 to 55
Waiting Frog
Spotted Frog
Leaping Frog