Giraffe Coloring Pages

Why do giraffes have such long necks? So that there is more of them to color! Print out one or some or all of these awesome giraffe coloring pages for free. There's even a "Happy Father's Day" giraffe that would be perfect to give to that special dad in your life...Hint, Hint. Visit Father's Day Fun for even more great ideas.
Gentle Giraffe
Giraffes with Tree
Giraffe with Dots
Apple Giraffe
Savanna Giraffe
Wild Bunch
Group Portrait
Safari Pals
Spotted Giraffe
Giraffe Family
Happy Giraffe
Gigantic Giraffe
Giant Giraffe
Goofy Giraffe
Father’s Day Giraffes
Giraffe with Trees
Wide Eyed Giraffe