Fairy Coloring Pages

Not everything in the Fairy category has wings, but there is a little magic in every downloadable picture. Check out a little Fairy on a Feather, an elfishly fun dot to dot puzzle, some Dancing Fairies, a Playful Pixie on a toadstool and a Mining Gnome to get a taste of what this category has to offer!
Fairy and Unicorn
Magic Fairy
Princess Fairy
Fairy With Wand
Squatting Fairy
Snail and Fairy
Magical Happy Garden
Dragon Fairy Tale
Nature Fairy
Tree Fairy
Ladybug and Tinkerbell
Fair Flower Fairy
Digging Gnome
Magical Forest
Pumpkin Fairy
Sitting Fairy
Mining Gnome
Winged Sprite
Butterfly Fairy
Butterfly Fairytale
Ity Bity Fairy