Monster Coloring Pages

When facing beasties with the slimy skin, undead hands from beyond the grave, ANYTHING with polka dots and frumpy, grumpy or square germs, it is best to laugh out loud and color them with all the silly colors you can think of. Try it!
Hairy Germ
Five Armed Germ
Big Mouth Monster
Young Frankenstein
Kraken Attacks
Four Eyed Monster
Horned Monster
Max Rides The Monster
Horned Beast
Grumpy Germ
Pokey Germ
Square Germ
Grim Reaper
Fierce Frankenstein
Snorkel Germ
Wormy Germ
Spooky Costumes
Scary Skeleton
Thirsty Vampire
Wiggly Germ
Ragged Mummy