Pirate Coloring Pages

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day but you can enjoy pirates all year long with these great coloring pages. Board your boat, send up the Jolly Roger and sail around the world in search of treasure. Adventure, peg legs, gangplanks, talking parrots and exotic beaches await you.
Smiling Pirate with a Sword
Pirate Monkey on a Treasure Chest
Pirate on a Deserted Island
Pirate Ship with Parrot
Parrot and Treasure Chest
Shark Pirate
Parrot And Pirate
Treasure Chest
Pirate with Hook and Pegleg
Two Swords
Parrot Pirate
Aargghh, Matey!
Scallywag’s Raft
Monkey Treasure
Kraken Attacks
The Red Lady
Pistol Patty
Pirate Ship