Preschool Alphabet Games

When kids are in preschool they learn the basics of letters. This is when they learn the basic shapes and sounds, and when they learn what capital letter matches which lower case letter. The following are a few fun preschool alphabet games to help your preschooler have fun while learning.

Musical letters: This is similar to musical chairs, or a cake walk type idea. You are going to turn on some music, and have the kids march around alphabet squares on the ground. Each paper should hold one letter. When music stops the child should pick up their letter. Each child must identify the letter, the sound the letter makes, or something else to do with the letter. If they can’t, they are out, and you continue to the next round. You play until all of the preschoolers are out. This is a great game. Kids are naturally competitive, so it gives them a reason to learn the shapes, names, sounds, etc. of letters. You can use it for whatever stage they are at. For example, you can have them name a word that starts with the letter if they are past the stage of recognizing it, etc.

Matching letter games: This is similar to memory, only instead of having the two cards be the same, create one lower and one upper case for each letter. The kids play memory and try to match the upper case with the lower case. The person who ends the game with the most matches wins. You can add other varieties to this game as well. For example, you can put the letters on one card, and a picture of something that starts with that letter on another card. Such as Aa and Apple.

Letter BINGO: This is a fun game for preschoolers. You create bingo cards with letters placed randomly and then play bingo. The first person to receive a Bingo wins. Again you can mix it up. You can put pictures on the cards, and draw out letters, and they have to know what pictures correspond with what letters, or vice versa.

Rubber band geoboards: This is where you create geoboards for each preschool child, and provide them with rubber bands. They then have to race to create the letter you shout. Whoever creates the right letter the quickest wins. Again, you can make it more complex as they  learn by shouting out a word, and they have to create the letter it starts with.

Missing letters: For this game you are going to place 3 letters on table, have each child look at the three letters, then have them close their eyes, or you can turn the letters over, mix them up, and take one away. Flip them back over, and have the child identify which letter has been removed. You can have them shout it out, write it down, etc. It is a fun way to not only test their alphabet recognition but their memory as well. As they get better, add in more letters.

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