Tissue Box Crafts Galore

Tissue boxes can have a long life long after the tissues inside are gone. Whether the boxes are decorated or plain you can use them in numerous ways for lots of fun crafts. Using tissue boxes after they are empty certainly is easy to do (since who doesn’t run across empty tissue boxes) and you are doing your part to help green up the plant and reduce waste. Kids especially love the versatility of working with tissue boxes and will look forward to expressing their creativity. So if you simply looking for a way to reuse empty tissue boxes or have some crafting fun here are some ideas for tissue box crafts-

  • Tissue box Easter basket-Simply cut the top off and the sides down to about 2″. Use the scrap to make a handle. Have the kids decorate their own Easter baskets with spring themed stickers, pastel markers and even glitter glue.
  • Tissue Box Cover-Doing this craft truly gives new life to a tissue box. Start by cutting out the bottom of a tissue box. Reinforce the tissue box by gluing pieces of newspapers in layers over entire box. When the glue is completely dry paint or cover with fabric. You can also add lace to edges and/or beads and use as a reusable tissue box cover.
  • Hair Accessory Holder-You can round up all of those unruly hair accessories by doing this craft. Simply decorate a tissue box by adding glitter, gemstones and lace. You now have a permanent place to store those hair accessories.
  • Plastic Bag Holder-Decorated or not you can use tissue boxes to hold your plastic bags like the ones you receive at the grocery store. Have your kids decorate the outside of the tissue box and then place it in a convenient place where you can simply push those grocery bags in through the top.
  • Fancy Tissue Box Holder-Cut out the bottom from the tissue box. Use assorted pasta shapes to decorate it. When you are finished pray paint gold. You can also refill with tissues from the bottom.
  • Tissue Box Pencil Holder-You can decorate a tissue box holder to match your desk decor. Just be sure to put something heavy in the bottom like marbles or rocks so that it does not become top heavy and use it as a pencil holder.
  • Tissue Box Journal covers-This is a deconstruction of a tissue box but still a good use of it. Start by cutting out square or rectangles of the “good” sides of the box. You can use two pieces to make a journal cover. Just cut plain paper to match the size of the covers, punch holes and lace them together.
  • Mother’s Day Gift-This is darling gift that Mom will love. Start by making some tissue paper flowers on pipe cleaners and use a small pretty tissue box as a vase. You can wrap the tissue box in spring themed paper for some extra style.
  • Satellite Mobile-Your most imaginative child will love this craft. Start by hot gluing tissue boxes together at their ends to make an interesting shape. You may have to add some cardboard to reinforce it at weak points. Then have your child paint it silver and decorate to look like a satellite. You can use fishing line to hang it from the ceiling.
  • Bean Bag Animal Couch-Stuff the inside of the tissue box with newspaper and tape a piece of cardboard over the hole. You can hot glue pretty material over it. The next step is to take a long rolled cushion the length of the box and hot glue it one. You can make two shorter ones for arms. Glue a ruffle around the bottom for some extra style.

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