Preschool Themes for January

January provides a wide array of themes that can be used for preschool. Here are a few of them.

  • New Year’s Day-Preschoolers will love the fact that they get to ring in the New Year too. This is a great time to talk about calendar years and help make them familiar with how they work. Keep in mind that there are several books and songs that can be used to help the children learn the meaning of New Year. These crafts will also give the children a fun way to welcome in the New Year.


Noise Makers-This is an easy craft that lets the children, get in on the spirit of the celebration. Simply save up empty film canisters, (some camera shops will just give them to you), and have the kids fill them with rice, peas and beans. You can glue on the lids and then have the students cover them with stickers.


New Years Hats-You simply will provide the kids with paper bowls. Set out markers, glue, streamers, construction paper and scissors and let them create their own party hat. A cute memento for parents is to take a picture of each child wearing their New Year’s party hat.


Confetti Collage-You can use regular confetti (there are lots of different varieties in the craft store) or have the children make some. You can use a hole punch and construction paper, to piles of confetti (and this provides good fine motor practice as well). Once you have several piles let the kids spread glue on the construction paper and make their collage, with the confetti.



Clock-The beginning of a new year is also a great time to talk about how a clock works and telling time. While most preschoolers will not be able to fully grasp the concept of telling time, they can become familiar with it. You can have the children make a paper plate clock (simply have them draw the numbers around the plate). You can then attach hands, using a brad fastener.


Bells-Bells are used in many places to help ring in the New Year. To help your preschoolers make a bell, each child will need yarn, craft bells, a pencil, decorating items and a Styrofoam cup. Start by having the kids decorate their cup. Then you can cut a small piece of yarn, (it should not be longer then the cup), and tie the yarn to the bell. Have an adult, poke a small hole on the bottom of the cup. Carefully thread the yarn through the hole so that the bell is now inside the cup. Carefully tie a small knot in the yarn, to hold the bell in place.

  • Snow-Another great preschool theme for January is snow. Whether you live in a snowy climate, or a warm weather area, preschoolers are fascinated by snow. There are several books and songs that can be added to the lesson along with these fun crafts.


Paper Snow flakes-Preschoolers need time to practice with scissors and this is a great way to do it. Have them fold and cut snowflakes in various shapes. You can then have them unfold them and decorate them with markers, stickers or glitter pens. Snowflakes can then be hung from the ceiling for a magical snowy effect.


Cotton ball snowmen-Kids will love the idea of building their own snowman, whether snow is coming or not. Simply supply each child with a paper plate, plenty of cotton balls and lots of glue. They can build their snowman with the plate as the backdrop or the base. Once the snowman is finished, bits of construction paper and yarn can give him or her a face and some personality.

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