Printable File Folder Game: Opposites

As the school year begins so does Fall. A great way to get into the swing of things and get kids motivated is to make and play with printable file folder games for fall. A fun way to learn is to learn creatively. In this project the children can help make their own printable file folder games for fall. The teacher will have to do some prep work but it will be worth it. It is easy to learn when you are having fun.

You will need, file folders, card stock, crayons, scissors, glue, a computer with a clip art program and a printer. If you do not already have file folders, you can purchase a box of them at your local office supply store.

This game is all about learning opposites. You will need to think of words you will want to use for this game and their opposites. The following is a list of some opposites that can be used:

  • Up and Down
  • In and Out
  • Light and Dark
  • Hot and Cold
  • Happy and Sad
  • Yes and No

You will want to write out a list of opposites before beginning your project so you know how many apple outlines you will need..

Next, find an outline of an apple in your clip art. If you do not have a clip art or can not find an outline of an apple, there are programs that will allow you to draw one. It is a simple, recognizable shape to draw. Then you will need to copy and paste this apple numerous times, as many as you have words. Then inside of each apple you will type these words. Make sure you write one word on one page and its opposite on the other. You do this because the child will match up the words in the game and they will need to be separate from each other to work. So put all of one side of the opposites together on two pieces of paper. For example, up, in, light, hot, happy and yes will each be written inside of an apple and those apples will be lined up on the page. These pages will then be printed out on white card stock and glued to the inside of the file folder. Then do type words’ opposites inside of separate apples. Print those apples out onto card stock. You do make one of these for each child in your class. The work is very minimal, the printer does most of the work.

This is the end of the prep work. The next steps are left up to the students. They get to use their creativity in coloring in all the apples with crayons using any colors they chose. They will also get to decorate the cover of their file folder game. Next, they cut out the apple opposites, the apples not glued into the file folder. They do this so they will be able to match up their opposites. The apples they cut out will match up with the apples glued into their file folders.

The children will get to work out of their very own file folder game. They will work on their coloring and cutting skills as well as learning what their opposites are. This will also work well with pumpkins or leaves. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could cut the file folder out so it is in the shape of an apple. There is no limit to being festive and there is no limit to learning. Having fun doing printable file folder games for fall is a great way to do both.

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