May Themes for Preschool

May is a time of growth and this is especially evident with preschool kids. After being cooped up all winter, young children are often eager to tackle new ideas and themes. You can provide your preschooler, or a group of them, with some fun May-centered ideas and themes. These themes would work in a preschool or daycare setting, or would be great for doing with your preschooler, one on one.  Here are some May themes for preschool-

  • Flowers-May is a great time to focus on flowers, since most of them have begun to bloom. You can find numerous ideas that will help you guide your preschooler through the fascinating world of flowers.


Books to Read:

From Seed to Plant

by Gail Gibbons

The Tiny Seed (Aladdin Picture Books)

by Eric Carle


Field Trip-A visit to a flower garden or local nursery would be fascinating for preschoolers. If you make arrangements ahead, many gardens will provide hands on experience, for the kids. Giving the preschoolers the opportunity to see flowers up close and personal is sure to up their excitement, for the upcoming theme.


Garden of Tulips-Kids love to paint and this will become a cherished keepsake, by the adults in their lives.

You will need:

Red Paint

Yellow Paint

Orange Paint


Paint Brush


Green Construction Paper

Light Color Construction paper


Start by having the child paint their palm and four fingers with the red paint. Then they will carefully press the paint onto the upper half of the light color construction paper. While they wait for it to dry, they can cut green construction paper into leaves and a stem. They will glue them to the bottom of the flower. This can be repeated with the yellow and orange paint for a garden of tulips.


Pressed Flowers-This is an old craft project that young children never get tired of doing.

You will need:

Small Flower or Weeds

2 Sheets Card Stock Paper

Heavy Books (or weight)

Clear Contact Paper

Have the children collect the weeds and small wild flowers that they would like to save. Place 2 sheets of card stock paper into a book. In between the two sheets have the children place their weeds or wild flowers. Close the large book and let sit. You can add more weight on top of the book if you would like. Pressed flowers can be used to make bookmarks, pictures, greeting cards and more.

  • Cinco De Mayo/May 5th This day celebrates patriotism, unity and Mexican heritage. While preschoolers may not recognize the total significance this can give them an international taste of Mexico.


Sunshine Mask Craft-Since the sun is a major symbol in the Mexican culture, this craft fits right into the theme.

You will need:

Paper plate or a circle of cardboard

Construction paper (yellow and orange)


Popsicle stick, tongue depressor or unsharpened pencil

Optional: Glitter pens or markers

Begin by having the children cut several triangles out of the yellow and orange paper. Keep in mind that these don’t need to be perfect, but for younger preschoolers, a template may help. After the triangles are cut out, have an adult help cut a circle in the paper plate, large enough for the child’s face to show through. Have the child glue the triangles all around the plate, to make their sun mask. Once their mask is put together they can decorate it with the glitter pens or markers, if they want. As a finishing touch, have them glue the Popsicle stick on the bottom so that it becomes a handle when they hold the mask to their face.


Treats: Salsa and Chips can be the perfect trip with a Mexican flair!

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