Lighthouse In A Bottle


Lighthouse in a bottle

What you will need:

    • 1.5 liter sport water bottle
    • Craft knife
    • Aluminum foil
    • Red acrylic paint
    • Black tape
    • Play-Doh or clay
    • Flashlight
    • White craft foam
    • Clear packing tape

Instructions for the project:

Using a craft knife cut the bottle in half. Glue aluminum foil inside the cone-shaped portion of the top half of the bottle, then use the red acrylic paint to coat the outside of the foil lined section

After the paint has dried apply 3 inch vertical strips of black tape around the unpainted portion of the bottle top, making sure that they are spaced evenly

In the bottom half of the bottle, pack a baseball sized piece of play-doh or clay. Stand a flashlight upright into the play-doh or clay and push it down until it is securely in place. After securing the flashlight be sure to cut a notch down from the bottles edge so that you have access to the flash light’s switch

Wrap an 11½ by 10 inch sheet of white craft foam around the bottom half of the bottle (foam will extend upwards but that is okay). Make a note as to wear the notch is for the flashlight switch and remove the foam.

After removing the foam cut out the switch opening and then rewrap the foam around the bottle. Secure the overlapping ends with clear packing tape

Fit the cut edge of the bottle top inside the foam sleeve and tape the foam to the bottle with colored tape making sure that it is securely attached.

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