Singing A Song of Sixpence with Your Preschooler

When your child enters the preschool stage, they have reached an age where they are ready to start learning and remembering what they learn.  Many preschool teachers have used different nursery rhymes that will help the child remember them.  Educators, authors and songwriters will use rhymes within their music and songs to help the child remember what they are learning while they are singing.  As a parent, learn the songs with them and sing along.  This will allow interaction with your child and your child will know that you are having fun also.

Songs and nursery rhymes are used for preschool age children, because they are fun for the child and they have an upbeat tone.  It encourages the child to be interactive with other children and participate in different activities.  The more a child can learn to interact and participate, the better they will be with their social skills as they develop and grow.  As the child learns the rhyme, teachers will many times use the words being used and show the child what they are singing about.

Using a rhyme within a song will also help the child learn extra skills they can use towards learning how to read.  Learning how to read can be a challenge for some students, with the skills of remembering a rhyme; they can translate that into reading works.  Reading is not a bunch of letters and scribbles on a page for a child to read.  The child needs to recognize that the words reflect things such as a rhyme.  As the child learns that words relate to something they will be able to recognize the word and read the words that are on the page.  When a child understands how the language works among rhymes and reading, they have learned the basic building blocks that are needs to succeed.

Preschool songs and nursery rhymes are a great stepping block to help a child learn words that will need to be in their vocabulary.  It will also help the child learn how to us the pronunciation of words correctly.  Preschool age children can get confused about how words are said and used in a sentence.  With the help of preschool songs, they will be able to relate the words that need to be used correctly.  Preschools songs also teach and promote movement from the child.  Keeping a preschool child active is important.  The more a preschool child can remain active and using their brain, the quicker they will learn and understand the preschool song or nursery rhyme they have been taught.

Memory skills are important to every person.  The better you can remember different items, the more you will succeed with the skills you have.  Using the preschool songs and rhymes that have been created will become the base for a preschool age child.  As they learn the song and use the memory skills they have, their brain will translate that and their brain will start remembering things quicker and more efficiently.

Another simple, but many times overlooked skill that a preschool song can create is listening skills.  At a preschool age, children are learning how to listen to what they are being asked to do.  They understand what simple words mean, but they are just starting to understand what it means to be asked to complete a task.  Listening skills are a needed factor to succeed in life.  You need to know how to listen when you are in school, with parents and other situations in your life.  The quicker you learn how to listen, the better you will learn the needed vocabulary and social skills that are required today.

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