Menus for Easter Dinner

Easter dinner is full of possibilities. Many cooks approach Easter dinner thinking that they must serve the same traditional dinner, year in and year out. However, Easter dinner can be a great time to shake things up a little. If you always serve ham, why not serve chicken or lamb this year? If you always serve fresh berries and cake, why not throw in a different, more exotic dessert? You can overhaul the entire menu or choose a few different dishes to make your Easter dinner new and exciting. Your family and friends will be thrilled to see that you have gone out of your comfort zone when it comes time to eat Easter dinner. The recipes for these menu ideas can all be found online, or you use them for your own inspiration. Here are some menus for Easter dinner-

  • Easter Brunch-Maybe you dread the idea of serving “Easter dinner”. A nice alternative can be to invite everyone over for brunch. You can still serve many of the traditional items found at typical Easter dinner, just in a new and more relaxed way. If you don’t want to take on making everything from scratch, then choose a few dishes, and order the rest. Your guests will never know and you will be happy and ready to relax, when the party gets started.

Appetizers: Shrimp Stuffed Deviled Eggs (a great way to use up those Easter eggs)

Main Dish: Glazed Ham

Main Dish: Oven baked French toast, with Orange Glaze

Side Dish: Hash browns with mushrooms, peppers and caramelized onions

Side Dish: Asparagus with Bacon

Side Dish: Assortment of rolls, pastries and muffins

Beverages: An assortment of fresh juices, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate

  • Easter Picnic-Who says that Easter dinner has to be a sit down in the dining room, kind of meal. If you are lucky enough to live where the weather is good during Easter, then why not take your meal outside. Whether you go to the park, or just the backyard, you can make Easter dinner memorable. Best of all there is no need to worry about decorating, since your backdrop will be the great outdoors. The only caution here is to make sure that you serve food that can be eaten in an outdoor setting. In addition, pay attention to food safety rules, and make sure that hot foods are hot and cold foods are kept cold. Here is a menu to help get you started-

Appetizers-Traditional Deviled Eggs(there’s a reason to use those Easter eggs)

Main Dish-Slices of country ham on homemade biscuits

Side Dish: New Potato Salad with bacon crumbles

Side Dish: Chilled Asparagus with lemon vinaigrette

Dessert: Coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

  • Traditional Easter Dinner-If you are a first time cook or just want a meal with meaning this traditional Easter dinner might be the perfect choice, for you menu. Just remember that traditional doesn’t mean boring. You can take any of these items and make them in a way to suit the taste of yourself and your guests. Setting your table with Grandma’s china and silver on a vintage tablecloth, will also a special feel to this meal. Whether this is the first time you are making a traditional Easter meal, or you just want do it right, here is menu to help make a traditional Easter dinner-

Salad Course: Mixed baby greens with shaved parmesan

Main Dish: Pineapple and cherry glazed ham

Side Dish: Scalloped potatoes

Side Dish: Steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce

Side Dish: Homemade rolls

Dessert: Fresh berries over Angel Food Cake (for a truly decadent dessert top this with real whipped cream


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Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs
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The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story (Berenstain Bears Living Lights)
The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights)
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God Gave Us Easter
God Gave Us Easter
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