Splatter Dyed Easter Eggs

Are you looking for a fun and an exciting new way to decorate your Easter eggs this year?  How about stepping away from your usual monochromatic Easter egg dye jobs and creating fun and groovy splatter dyed Easter eggs?  We all know what to do when the Easter season rolls around:  we dye Easter eggs.  But we also know that this year’s Easter eggs will look exactly like last year’s Easter eggs and exactly like the ones from the year before and exactly like the ones from the year before and exactly like the ones from the year before.  Why not do something new this year?  You will appreciate having some hip and funky to spice of your Easter celebrations, and your kids will definitely like something new this year around.  So try out this new and improved way of decorating Easter eggs.  If you want something smart and sassy, then this approach to Easter egg decoration is definitely for you.  And it’s kid friendly, so no matter how young your kids are, this is an Easter egg activity that they can do.  However, you should be warned before you begin:  this particular way of dyeing your Easter eggs is most definitely on the messy side.

Materials needed for splatter-painted Easter eggs:
1.  hard boiled eggs
2.  tempra paint
3.  a toothbrush
4.  either store bought Easter egg dye or homemade Easter egg dye

Instructions for makings splatter-painted Easter eggs:
1.  Prepare the area by putting down plenty of newspaper or plastic.  Make sure that you adequately protect your table, your countertop, and your floor!
2.  Put on some smocks or some aprons.
3.  Dye your Easter eggs according to the package directions, or however you normally dye your easter eggs.
4.  Next, choose a tempra paint in a contrasting color with however you ended up dyeing the Easter egg.  Or, you can either use just straight food color drops.  Dip a toothbrush in either the food color drops or the tempra paints.
5.  Now, using either a finger or a pencil, run it over the bristles of the toothbrush to splatter the egg with paint.  Keep going until your Easter eggs are adequately splattered!

How to make home made Easter egg dye
If you don’t want to spend a fortune on store bought Easter egg dye, you can make your own Easter egg dye with dirt cheap ingredients that you already have in your pantry and in your kitchen cupboards.  Here is how to make your own Easter egg dye:
1.  Gather together some small containers for your Easter egg dye.  You can use small cups or empty and clean margarine and butter containers.
2.  Add one teaspoon of distilled white vinegar to each cup of water (one teaspoon of distilled white vinegar to one cup of water).
3.  After mixing together the distilled white vinegar and the water, add the food coloring to the water.  The general rule of thumb is to add food coloring two drops at a time.  Then stir, so that you can see how strong the coloration is.
4.  Most packages of food coloring have formulas on the back of them that will give you the ratios that you need to create different colors from the ones that are in the package.  Since most food coloring packages only come with primary colors, you can add together primary colors to create your secondary colors (orange, green, purple).

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