Decorating Ideas for Your St. Patrick’s Day Party


If you want to throw a fun party, then you may want to consider using St Patrick’s Day for the event. There is perhaps no other holiday that lends itself to having fun like St. Patrick’s Day. Best of all there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of party ideas, that will help get you in the “wearing of the green” state of mind. Here are some decorating ideas for your St. Patrick’s Day party-

It all starts with the invitations-Here is a lucky shamrock invitation that will set the tone for your party. Start by folding a piece of card stock that is white in half in order to form a card. You can then create a shamrock, using construction paper that is green. This is easy to do by simply cutting out four hearts and a stem. If you are unsure of doing it freehand there are lots of templates available online. You can then just glue the shamrock on the front and use a glitter pen to outline it. Include all the relevant party information on the inside and they are ready to be delivered to your party guests.

Decorating the party space-Start by adorning the room you want to have the party in, with lots of white and green balloons. Its fun to use lots of shades of green to really set the theme. If you want to add another color, try working in a few gold balloons as well. You can also use streamers in rainbow colors, to represent those lucky leprechauns. You can also use rainbow mobiles, cutouts or pictures to further decorate with. If you don’t want to spend money on decorating then you can always enlist kids to help you make shamrocks out of green construction paper. You will then attach each shamrock to a yellow or white ribbon. You can simply hang them from the ceiling or braid them together to make garlands. The garland can then be hung over the doorway for luck! Be sure to have some green or themed dinnerware and napkins for serving the party food.

Incorporate the food into your decorations-Your food can also serve as a great way to highlight the theme of your party. Whether you serve traditional Irish foods, or green foods, your guests will have fun noshing on the food. You can start with foods that are naturally green (celery and cucumbers, for dipping), and work in foods that can take some green food coloring, (punch, homemade bread, and some salads). Dessert becomes easy when you use a white cake batter and mix in a little green food coloring. One of the hottest trends for parties is cupcakes. You can make cupcakes, and top them off with green frosting and gold foil-covered coin. For an even easier dessert you can pick up ready made sugar cookies at the bakery. Shamrock cookies (popular at bakeries during March), can be decorated green, and round ones can be frosted with gold frosting (to become those lucky coins). You can either frost them yourself, or leave out all the needed ingredients for your guests to help to do it themselves. For a finishing touch you can set up a beverage station that features milk with a little green food coloring, green juices, sodas or even green water bottles.

Music and lighting-the final touches-To really help set the mood for your St. Patrick’s Day party be sure to have the right music on hand. Irish music playing in the background can really add to the mood. If you don’t have the right music in your collection head over to your local library where they most likely have CDs for you to check out. Finally, make sure the lighting is right. You may want to consider changing your light bulbs to green, for that final St. Patrick’s Day touch to your party.

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