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Edgar Allan Poe - Wikipedia
28 Feb 2024 at 3:01pm
e. Edgar Allan Poe ( n Edgar Poe; January 19, 1809 ? October 7, 1849) was an American writer, poet, author, editor, and literary critic who is best known for his poetry and short stories, particularly his tales of mystery and the macabre. He is widely regarded as a central figure of Romanticism and Gothic fiction in the United States, and ...

Edgar Allan Poe | Biography, Poems, Short Stories, & Facts
29 Feb 2024 at 6:53am
Edgar Allan Poe (born January 19, 1809, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.?died October 7, 1849, Baltimore, Maryland) American short-story writer, poet, critic, and editor who is famous for his cultivation of mystery and the macabre. His tale ?The Murders in the Rue Morgue? (1841) initiated the modern detective story, and the atmosphere in his ...

Edgar Allan Poe | Poetry Foundation
28 Feb 2024 at 4:17am
Edgar Allan Poe?s stature as a major figure in world literature is primarily based on his ingenious and profound short stories, poems, and critical theories, which established a highly influential rationale for the short form in both poetry and fiction. Regarded in literary histories and handbooks as the architect of the modern short story ...

Edgar Allan Poe: Biography, Writer, Poet
28 Feb 2024 at 8:16pm
Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, poet, critic, and editor in the 19 th century best known for his evocative short stories and poems that captured the interest of readers worldwide. His ...

Edgar Allan Poe biography | American Masters | PBS
28 Feb 2024 at 1:28pm
Almost one hundred and fifty years after his death, Edgar Allan Poe?s prose and poetry continue to frighten, influence and inspire writers, composers, artists, poets, and readers all over the...

About Edgar Allan Poe | Academy of American Poets
31 May 2023 at 11:45pm
Poe?s work as an editor, poet, and critic had a profound impact on American and international literature. His stories mark him as one of the originators of both horror and detective fiction. Many anthologies credit him as the ?architect? of the modern short story.

Edgar Allan Poe summary | Britannica
27 Feb 2024 at 5:15am
Edgar Allan Poe, (born Jan. 19, 1809, Boston, Mass., U.S.?died Oct. 7, 1849, Baltimore, Md.), U.S. poet, critic, and short-story writer. Poe was raised by foster parents in Richmond, Va., following his mother?s death in 1811.

Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - The Life and Writings of Edgar ...
28 Feb 2024 at 9:24am
The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe (A comprehensive collection of e-texts of all of Poe?s prose and poetical writings, from the original sources and with multiple versions as revised during his lifetime ? includes poems, tales, sketches, essays, literary criticism, letters and miscellanea.

Edgar Allan Poe (1809?1849) - Encyclopedia Virginia
29 Feb 2024 at 2:07am
Edgar Allan Poe was a poet, short story writer, editor, and critic. Credited by many scholars as the inventor of the detective genre in fiction, he was a master at using elements of mystery, psychological terror, and the macabre in his writing.

Poe, Edgar Allan | Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Literature
28 Feb 2024 at 5:46pm
Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston on 19 January 1809, the son of the itinerant actors David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold, both of whom died when he was still an infant. He was brought up by the Richmond tobacco merchant John Allan , with whom he had a difficult relationship.

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