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Salem witch trials - Wikipedia
24 Nov 2019 at 12:16pm
The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. More than two hundred people were accused. Thirty were found guilty, nineteen of whom were executed by hanging (fourteen women and five men).

A Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials | History ...
22 Oct 2007 at 11:55pm
The Salem witch trials occurred in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft?the Devil's magic?and 20 were executed.

History of the Salem Witch Trials
30 Nov 2019 at 8:13am
The Salem Witch Trials officially began in February of 1692, when the afflicted girls accused the first three victims, Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne, of witchcraft and ended in May of 1693, when the remaining victims were released from jail.

Salem witch trials | History & Causes | Britannica
1 Dec 2019 at 4:01am
Salem witch trials, (June 1692?May 1693), in American history, a series of investigations and persecutions that caused 19 convicted ?witches? to be hanged and many other suspects to be imprisoned in Salem Village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (now Danvers, Massachusetts).

Salem Witch Trials - Destination Salem
30 Nov 2019 at 7:47pm
Salem Witch Trials In January of 1692, the daughter and niece of Reverend Samuel Parris of Salem Village became ill. William Griggs, the village doctor, was called in when they failed to improve.

Witchcraft in Salem [ushistory.org]
30 Nov 2019 at 5:45pm
The Salem witch trials were a regretable episode in colonial American history. In Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692, numerous innocent people were convicted on charges of making pacts with devils and demons and executed by hanging.

Salem Witch Trials | National Geographic Society
23 Nov 2015 at 11:59pm
Experience the 1692 Salem witch-hunt in a terrifying online trial: Are you a witch? How long have you been in the snare of the devil? Confess! On May 17, 2005, a female chimpanzee in near the Fongoli stream in the savanna of Senegal was observed using a spear to hunt a bush baby (a tiny primate that ...

List of people of the Salem witch trials - Wikipedia
25 Nov 2019 at 2:38pm
The central figure in this 1876 illustration of the courtroom in the Salem witch trials is usually identified as Mary Walcott, one of the accusers. This is a list of people associated with the Salem Witch Trials , a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693.

The 1692 Salem Witch Museum | History, Education, Self ...
26 Nov 2019 at 10:55am
The Salem Witch Museum is a museum in Salem, MA about the Witch Trials of 1692. The museum is based on the actual documents of the trials. Plan a visit to check out the scenes, and listen to the accurate narration from the history of the Salem Witch Hunt. Enjoy the self-guided tours in one of the most historic places of New England.

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