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Cubism is an early-20th-century avant-garde art movement that revolutionized European painting and sculpture, and inspired related movements in music, literature and ...

Cubism - the first abstract style of modern art - Arty Factory
Cubism was the first abstract art style. Cubist painting abandoned the tradition of perspective drawing and displayed many views of a subject at one time.

Cubism | Thematic Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art ...
Cubism was one of the most influential visual art styles of the early twentieth century. It was created by Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881?1973) and Georges Braque ...

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Analytical Cubism: The period from 1910 to 1912 is referred to as Analytical Cubism. Paintings executed during this period showed the breaking down, or analysis, of form.

Cubism Movement, Artists and Major Works | The Art Story
Artworks and artists: Cubism emerged in art and evolved during a period of heroic and rapid innovation between Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque...

Cubism - Art History 101 Basics - What Is Cubism?
Cubism is a kind of Realism. It is a conceptual approach to realism in art, which aims to depict the world as it is and not as it seems. This was the "idea."

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Cubism and cubists, defined, with images of examples from art history, great quotations, and links to other resources.

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Artists by Movement: Cubism Europe, 1908-1920 Cubism was developed between about 1908 and 1912 in a collaboration between Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.

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