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Honey bee - Wikipedia
14 Feb 2017 at 8:51pm
A honey bee (or honeybee) is any bee member of the genus Apis, primarily distinguished by the production and storage of honey and the construction of perennial ...

ALL ABOUT BEES Website: HONEY BEE Article with Pictures
16 Feb 2017 at 4:45pm
The ALL ABOUT BEES site article about the HONEY BEE with pictures. Did you know Honey Bees produce more than honey? Learn about the Honey Bee here.

10 Fascinating Facts About Honey Bees
24 Oct 2006 at 6:56pm
No other insect has served the needs of man like the honey bee. Here are 10 facts about honey bees you might not know.

National Geographic Honey Bee Photos - Animals
14 Feb 2017 at 2:46pm
Honeybee hives have long provided humans with honey and beeswax. Such commercial uses have spawned a large beekeeping industry, though many species still occur in the ...

How to Buy Honey Bees For Your Small Farm
16 Feb 2017 at 1:10pm
Are you a beginning beekeeper who needs to buy package bees or nucs? Learn how and where to order and purchase honey bees online.

Honey Bees Are Amazing
9 Feb 2017 at 10:23pm
Information about the honey bee from certified master beekeeper David Burns. Learn all you'll need to know to start beekeeping.

Bees-and-Beekeeping: Facts About Honey Bees
11 Feb 2017 at 11:22am
Looking for information about honey bees? Learn what happens within the dark recesses of a beehive. Some of it might surprise you...

Honeybee - Kids
16 Feb 2017 at 4:45pm
Honeybees live in colonies with one queen running the whole hive. Worker honeybees are all females and are the only bees most people ever see flying around outside of ...

Honey Bees : University of Minnesota Extension
15 Feb 2017 at 6:38am
Our goals are to protect the health of bee pollinators and to promote sustainable beekeeping practices. We research honey bee behavioral ecology and disease ...

Honey Bees: Overview of Honeybee Types, Habitats ...
13 Feb 2017 at 8:38pm
Read more about honey bees on Orkin.com, including information on their various behaviors and habits, where they live, and where they originated from.

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