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Manhattan Project - Wikipedia
14 Jul 2024 at 7:21pm
Manhattan District The Trinity test of the Manhattan Project on 16 July 1945 was the first detonation of a nuclear weapon. Active 1942?1946 Disbanded 15 August 1947 Country United States United Kingdom Canada Branch U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Garrison/HQ Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S. Anniversaries 13 August 1942 Engagements Allied invasion of Italy Allied invasion of France Allied invasion of ...

Manhattan Project - HISTORY
14 Jul 2024 at 11:46pm
The Manhattan Project was the code name for the American-led effort to develop a functional atomic weapon during World War II. The controversial creation and eventual use of the atomic bomb ...

Manhattan Project | Definition, Scientists, Timeline ...
14 Jul 2024 at 7:35pm
Manhattan Project, U.S. government research project (1942?45) that produced the first atomic bombs. The project?s name was derived from its initial location at Columbia University, where much of the early research was done. The first bomb was exploded in a test at Alamogordo air base in southern New Mexico on July 16, 1945.

Manhattan Project National Historical Park (U.S. National ...
15 Jul 2024 at 5:01am
The Manhattan Project is one of the most transformative events of the 20th century. It ushered in the nuclear age with the development of the world?s first atomic bombs. The building of atomic weapons began in 1942 in three secret communities across the nation. As World War II waned in 1945, the United States dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan?forever changing the world.

What Was the Manhattan Project? | Scientific American
14 Jul 2024 at 12:18pm
The Manhattan Project was a top-secret program to make the first atomic bombs during World War II. Its results had profound impacts on history: the subsequent nuclear arms race has radically ...

Scientists - Manhattan Project National Historical Park (U.S ...
6 Jul 2024 at 9:08am
The Manhattan Project would not have been possible without the efforts and skills of hundreds of scientists and engineers who either directly contributed to the Manhattan Project or broadly contributed to nuclear research. Several scientists and engineers that worked on the project had unique stories that led them to their work on such a ...

Purpose of the Manhattan Project | Britannica
11 Jul 2024 at 5:55am
Atomic bomb. The first atomic bomb test, near Alamogordo, New Mexico, July 16, 1945. Manhattan Project, (1942?45) U.S. government research project that produced the first atomic bomb. In 1939 U.S. scientists urged Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt to establish a program to study the potential military use of fission, and $6,000 was appropriated.

The atomic bomb & The Manhattan Project (article) | Khan Academy
12 Jul 2024 at 10:26am
The Manhattan Project was the codename for the secret US government research and engineering project during the Second World War that developed the world?s first nuclear weapons. President Franklin Roosevelt created a committee to look into the possibility of developing a nuclear weapon after he received a letter from Nobel Prize laureate ...

What is the Manhattan Project? - U.S. National Park Service
15 Jul 2024 at 6:27am
The Manhattan Project was an unprecedented, top-secret World War II government program in which the United States rushed to develop and deploy the world?s first atomic weapons before Nazi Germany. The use of these weapons by the United States against Japan in August 1945 ultimately became one of the most important historical events of the ...

The Manhattan Project - Nuclear Museum
12 Jul 2024 at 4:21am
Manhattan Project History. Date: Friday, May 12, 2017. The Manhattan Project was the result of an enormous collaborative effort between the U.S. government and the industrial and scientific sectors during World War II. Here is a brief summary of the Anglo-American effort to develop an atomic bomb during its World War II and its legacies today.

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